Welcome to the heart of cheese country, where the lush green mountains of Okemo Valley come alive with the celebration of cheese! 

With one of the highest concentrations of cheddar producers in the state and some of the oldest cheese making factories in the United States (dating back to the 1800’s), it’s no surprise that artisan cheese is abundant within the region. 

From September 7-15th, 2024, you’re invited to join in celebrating Vermont Cheese Week with a Special Cheese Stroll in Okemo Valley! 

Organized by Vermont Cheese Council, Vermont Cheese Week is a special week-long celebration of local cheese producers. 

Take a Cheese Stroll in Okemo Valley – A Gourmet Adventure

The Cheese Stroll is a self-guided tour that can be enjoyed at your own pace and will be filled with fun! It’s a family-friendly event that combines the beauty of Okemo Valley with the joy of cheese tasting. So lace up your walking shoes, hop in the car, grab your Cheese Stroll map, and get ready for a cheesy good time! 

This delightful walking and driving tour takes you through the picturesque landscapes of the 12 town region, with stops at various cheese producers, retailers, and restaurants all throughout the week. 

Meet the Artisans Behind the Craft:

The true stars of Vermont Cheese Week are the local cheese producers, whose passion and expertise are evident in every wheel and wedge. Four main producers in the region are Crowley Cheese, Grafton Village Cheese, Plymouth Cheese, and Spring Brook Farm. During Vermont Cheese Week, there will be special open house activities and opportunities to learn about the cheesemaking process along your stroll, and, of course, sample the fruits of their labor and love.

Cheese at Retail:

As you meander through Okemo Valley, you’ll find local retailers offering an impressive selection of cheeses. From the creamy bries to the sharp blues, there’s a cheese to suit every palate. Discover your favorite cheese pairings – art and cheese, wine and cheese, maple and cheese and more!

Restaurant Rendezvous & Culinary Creations:

Okemo Valley’s restaurants are joining in on the fun, crafting special menus that highlight the versatility of cheese. Imagine savoring a dish of perfectly cooked pasta with a rich, velvety cheese sauce, or biting into a gourmet burger topped with a slice of aged cheddar that’s been locally sourced. The creativity doesn’t stop there – chefs are experimenting with cheese pairings that will surprise and delight, from cheese and wine to cheese and craft beer.

* Please drink responsibly and designate a driver, if you plan to indulge in wine/beer and cheese pairings.

As Vermont Cheese Week approaches, check back for updates and details on events, tastings, pairings, and celebrations that will make this experience truly unforgettable!