Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll be deeply impressed by a clear night’s sky in Okemo Valley, Vermont.

With 80% of the country not able to experience the magic of the night’s sky, seeing the stars and their magnificence has become an increasingly unique experience. Due to light pollution, it is rare in many places throughout the United States to truly witness the constellations above. 

Surrounded by forest, our region provides a change of pace from the glow of city lights, making it an ideal location for stargazing. According to local astronomer Claudio Velez, South Central Vermont is one the best places to view the stars within a 4-5 hour drive of both Boston and New York City. 

3 Resources for Stargazing: 

International DarkSky Association: This organization promotes dark skies and works to reduce light pollution. Check out their website to learn more!

Vermont Dark Sky Parks & Places: Explore the darkest sky locations near you in Vermont. These designated areas offer excellent conditions for stargazing and night-sky viewing!

Weather tool to help predict clear skies: Checking the weather forecast can ensure you choose the best nights for stargazing in Okemo Valley.

So if you’re looking for celestial views that captivate both the amateur sky-watchers and seasoned astronomers, Okemo Valley will not disappoint!