Recognized for its exceptional art collection as well as its mission of social responsibility, Fischer Arts has been selected as February’s Member of the Month. With a unique blend of artistic expression and environmental consciousness, Fischer Arts has unveiled its latest winter exhibition and beautiful window display that not only inspires viewers but also contributes to the preservation of nature. 

Iris, owner of Fischer Arts shares, “Fischer Arts is grounded by a love for the natural world, a passion for conservation and preservation, and a deep appreciation for art. Supporting conservation efforts is important to Fischer Arts, and therefore a portion of all sales is donated to organizations working to preserve fragile ecosystems and protect wildlife.”

The work in the gallery reflects natural history themes, including Botanicals, Ocean Life, Minerals and Metals, and more. It’s a special way to bring the beauty of nature indoors. The art gallery includes the work of over 10 local artists that align on mission and showcases handcrafted jewelry, stained glass, ceramics, paintings, layered paper creations, watercolors, and more. In addition, the gallery has a curated selection of antique prints that connects the splendor of nature with history. This combination of contemporary work with original prints creates a truly stunning fusion of the old and the new.

Avocado Print from 1906

Department of Agriculture

Layered Watercolors

Zarabeth Duell, Mtn Grl Studio

“The Woods” Series

Jason Brockert

Every season, Iris curates her gallery windows with special care and thoughtful intention. The Winter Windows display invites passersby to take in the wonder and the elegance of this winter. Iris shares, “Our wonderful, sunny, floor-to-ceiling windows are the perfect spot for seasonal displays. We take advantage of that space to highlight work that celebrates the beauty of the changing seasons in Vermont.”

Currently, Winter Windows highlights work from painter Jason Brockert’s “Woods” series, new bird sculptures from New Hampshire artist Michael Kline, and beautiful pieces from Brattleboro, Vermont jeweler Allison Korn. As there is an impressive mix of contemporary work and unique antique pieces, you’ll also find lovely hand-colored bird lithographs from the mid-1800’s. Right now, the grouse is front and center.

The art gallery has grown immensely since opening its doors in Chester, Vermont and its roots extend far beyond. The gallery is a product of a cherished love for the arts that extends through generations and geographies.

Iris says, “The gallery is a part of my heritage. I spent many of my formative years hanging about in my mother’s art gallery. Eugene Galleries specialized in antique prints, maps, and books and was a huge part of a small community on Boston’s Beacon Hill. Over time, the gallery became an integral component of my life that has now extended to my work at Fischer Arts.” 

Whether you are in search of a standout piece for your home, looking for the perfect gift, or feeling the desire to immerse yourself in the captivating blend of art and nature, it’s an opportunity to support the world we live in.

Iris continues, “What we offer speaks to people – they recall stories of the birds that visit the spaces around their homes. Or the mountain views and morning skies they see during their drives through town. They become inspired. That is incredibly meaningful to me.”

Drop by the gallery on the Common in Chester on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 11am-4pm or by special appointment.