The Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the successful grand re-opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of Outer Limits Brewing following their remarkable rebuilding efforts after the devastating flooding that occurred this past summer.

The ribbon cutting event, held on Saturday, January 13, marked a significant milestone for Outer Limits Brewing and the entire community, showcasing resilience, determination, and the unwavering spirit of local businesses. The standing room only ceremony was attended by esteemed community members, loyal customers, and representatives from the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The grand re-opening of Outer Limits Brewing was a testament to the brewery’s commitment to providing exceptional beer and a vibrant gathering place for locals and visitors alike. They have re-opened their taproom doors in serving VT’s finest brews, delicious pizza and more. They plan to begin brewing their own selection this spring/summer season. The Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce encourages the community to visit Outer Limits Brewing and share in welcoming them back, as a beloved brewery within the region. With its wonderful atmosphere, excellent beer selection, and commitment to community, Outer Limits Brewing has returned as a treasured destination.

We extend our appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to all of those who have enthusiastically embraced, supported, and celebrated local businesses within the region.