Why buy local? Okemo Valley’s locally owned businesses and the people who they employ are an important part of what makes us a vibrant, healthy, and distinctive community. We encourage everyone to shop local this holiday season to help our area artisans and others get through this challenging times. Shop local, shop online, or pick-up at curbside. Go to: www.yourplaceinvermont.com/shop for inspiration and our picks here.

APPAREL: A classic Irish sweater, knit in Ireland from pure merino wool, always lies soft & cozy against the skin. It’s handily knit, too, with classic Aran stitches such as the honeycomb pattern, symbolizing good luck. Classic details include a rolled crewneck and ribbed cuffs & neckline. Taking their cue from classic herringbone coats and blazers, their handsome wool caps come in a range of cherry colors to chase away the winter grey. Each eight panel cap is handcrafted in pure wool with a cotton lining. One size fits most.  One needs only to pick up their authentic Irish tweed cap to feel the timeless quality and appreciate the fine tailoring sewn into each one. Handmade of the finest Donegal new wool tweed, their cap celebrates ag-old craftmanship and classic styling.  Find all this at The Vermont Country Store in Weston.

Bernie-style mittens are made using recycled sweaters. They come in small, medium and large. Get them while they last at the Gallery at the Vault.

HOUSEWARES: Davallia Art & Accents in Chester is introducing a Mountain Chic new luxe collection of Danish-Modern-inspired furniture and decor. The Ellis Chair is crafted from mahogany and premium sheepskin. And who can resist their new flannel pillow collection? Soft, playful and just enough flannel to add rustic charm to any space.

A wonderful series of miniature antique toys from the 1930’s & 1940’s have been photographed high in the mountains a premier ski resorts. These tiny figures draw you in and evoke nostalgia for the dawn of skiing, but are presented in a vibrant, modern, and relevant context. They showcase the beauty of the mountain landscapes with a wink of whimsy that both surprises and delights. They are 12″ x 12″ inches framed. Find them at Teaselwood Design in Ludlow.

Check out Ecuadane lightweight artisan-crafted blankets which are luxurious, warm and queen-sized to encourage snuggling. Unique vibrant designs add beauty and color to every room; the large size allows for you and yours to come together and make memories. Machine washable with a lifetime warranty, these blankets are beautiful, colorful and a keepsake. Find them at Tygart Mountain Sports in Ludlow.

For the home office, “Strength in Unity” 2018 is a clear-coated, digital print on a multi-layer medium density fiberboard. Find this at the Gallery at the Vault.

HOT TUBS: This holiday season, everyone deserves to relax. How better than with a new hot tub for your and your family! A Jacuzzi SmartTub even lets you control the hot tub remotely. Choose from a variety of tubs to fit your needs at Knight Tubs Pools & Spas in Ludlow and at Allen Pools & Spas in Mendon.

CUSTOM FURNITURE: With more of us working at home these days, it might be time to step it up and splurge on your home office. What better way to enjoy added days at home and increase work productivity than with a custom sit-stand desk? Try a Walnut desk with ghost blue Epoxy 72″ x 22″ -25″ wide height adjustment from 24″-54″ with a 400 pound lift capacity from ClearLake Furniture in Ludlow.

A custom 7-foot-long cherry desk/table produced by a master craftsman, features detailed ornamental accents. Designed, built and installed by Smokeshire Design in Chester. You might also want to add their nesting cachepots woven from natural jute, to help organize odds & ends while softening your surroundings. Available in 4 colors.

Or try a wonderful black walnut standing waterfall desk – and a cherry burl clock to go with it. Find them at Rockledge Farm Woodworks in Weathersfield.

SPECIALTY ITEMS: For everything you need to keep your hands busy this winter, look no farther than Six Loose Ladies Yarn & Fiber in Chester, a not-for-profit shop run entirely by volunteers. Their fluffy little lambs are very popular!