The Black River Academy Museum (BRAM) fosters history, education, and culture in Ludlow, VT through preservation, research, exhibitions, & special events. The Black River Academy was chartered in 1835 and received students from 26 states and 3 foreign countries throughout its 103 years of educating young men and women. The original building burned and for 44 years classes were held in the old Union Church , which was taken down and the present academy erected on the identical site in 1888-l889.

The last class to graduate the old Academy was that of 1938. In 1948 the building was leased for a convalescent home. From 1968 to 1972 the building was idle waiting for revival. Following the formation of the Black River Historical Society, the Black River Academy Trustees were favorable to selling for one dollar the building and grounds to that society. The Academy building was restored and transformed into museum to house the cultural heritage of the Black River Valley area.

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14 High St PO Box 73
Ludlow, VT 05149 USA

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