Haulback Challenge Course
Monkey Crawl, See-Saw, Postman’s Walk, Bridge to Nowhere, Tarzan Swing … these are just a few of the features that make up Okemo’s Haulback Challenge Course. This self-guided, treetop adventure is a linear arrangement of fun and unusual physical challenges that requires participants to travel from tree to tree, at various heights, using a combination of suspended bridges, ropes and cables. Platforms surrounding the trees link the different features. Challenge Course adventurers wear a safety harness and helmet, and are connected to an overhead cable using a continuous belay system that follows guests without any effort and provides a smooth ride along ziplines. Participants travel at their own speed and course attendants offer assistance if needed.

Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster
Similar to a roller coaster, sled-like cars carry one or two riders along rails at speeds nearing 30 mph. Equipped with brakes so riders determine their own speed, cars glide smoothly around banking turns, between trees, and along 3100 feet of track that twists through corkscrew turns, along banking loops and over rippling waves.

Sawyer’s Sweep Zipline Tour
This guided high-flying tour features suspension bridges, rappels and seven zipline segments that rise 40 to 50 feet above the ground. The longest segment measures nearly 700 feet.

Amp Energy Big Air Bag
It takes a real thrill seeker to take a leap into a giant inflatable bag like a movie stunt double. Measuring 30 x 50 feet, the bag’s internal air pumps ensure constant pressure to absorb the 15- or 30-foot fall from a platform above.

Stump Jumper Bungee Trampoline
This four-station hopping hub combines technologically advanced trampoline jumping surfaces with bungee cord tethers attached to a jump harness, allowing participants to reach heights of 20 feet.

Segway Personal Transport Tours
This off-road, guided excursion puts those knobby tires to the test. Tour participants explore open fields and wooded trails on a self-balancing, two-wheeled personal transport.

Climbing Pinnacle
Painted to look like a giant tree trunk, this three-sided climbing tower offers routes of varying difficulty. Trained staff is on belay to help guide climbers as high as they want to go.

Lumberin’ Cal Mini Golf
Each hole in this 18-hole course is themed with an element of local legend and lore. Choice is the motivator in this course with multiple paths to the cup. The course designer’s unique concept of “intentional luck” allows children and less-skilled players to score as well as adults and expert putters.

The Maples at Okemo Disc Golf
Instead of a ball and clubs, disc golf players use flying discs. The Maples course offers 18 “holes” of play with Professional Disc Golf Assoc. approved targets. A nine-hole Saplings course provides easier family play. Uniquely inspired by Vermont’s maple sugaring traditions, galvanized metal sap buckets sit atop wooden posts with metal tubs serving as the receptacles for “putting.” Discs are available for rent and for purchase.

The Waffle Cabin snack bar provides refreshment and a picnic area offers a shaded rest spot during a day of adventure. There’s also a shop under the stone archway and Okemo’s Coleman Brook Tavern serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Specific information about hours and pricing is posted online. More information about Okemo Mountain Resort may be obtained by visiting okemo.com.

111 Jackson Gore Rd
Ludlow, VT 05149 USA

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