Thank you to our grocery store superheroes:

  • Chloe’s Market at the Plymouth Country Store
  • Londonderry Village Market
  • Shaw’s Supermarket 
  • Singleton’s General Store
  • Smitty’s Chester Market
  • Springfield Food Co-op

These grocery stores have been selected by Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce as the January 2024 Members of the Month for their exceptional service and dedication during this winter season. They have been going above and beyond to provide visitors and residents with convenient grocery options while recovering from the 2023 summer flooding. 

Here are their stories: 


Following an extensive renovation, the Plymouth Country Store is back in business as Chloe’s Market. Chloe’s Market opened in the Fall of 2023 and is the only location for gas and groceries between Okemo and Killington. The store is dedicated to providing groceries and local options for its patrons. Hannah, Chloe’s Market Manager, emphasized her dedication to customer satisfaction, saying, “My favorite part is the customers walking in with a smile on their faces…Being able to fill a need and help provide grocery options without a long drive is so important.” 

Located in the heart of Plymouth Village, everyone is thrilled to welcome Chloe’s Market to the Okemo Valley. Their opening came at a pivotal time for the region with the busy winter season right around the corner. The market continues to build their specialty item selection and now offers catering and charcuterie options in addition to their food to go, beer & wine, and grocery items. If you have a catering need or are looking for a place to stop, Chloe’s Market is surely a spot you won’t want to miss!


Londonderry Village Market, a full service supermarket, has also been working hard this winter season. BJ, the manager at Londonderry Village Market, shares, “Our focus is on maintaining our inventory within the market and the growing seasons. We’ve gotten into a good groove. It’s a convenient place to shop and we offer a large selection. We really want to make sure people have what they need close by to save them time.” 

BJ is dedicated to building a supportive team at the market and recognizes that it’s a community-wide effort. “We employ lots of people from the community, and our team is really hard working… We have a strong team of staff to make sure there aren’t long lines or long waits while shopping for groceries.” Be sure to check out Londonderry Village Market’s wide selection! 


Shaw’s was deeply impacted by the 2023 summer flooding and is working hard to reopen. They are temporarily closed to in-store shopping at the Ludlow location but offer customers their DriveUp & Go Grocery Pickup service. This service allows customers to order online and provides time slots for pick up. 

Through the DriveUP & Go Grocery Pickup service, they have continued to serve the community and provide shopping opportunities while they rebuild. We look forward to their reopening and appreciate their commitment to customers and the community! 


In light of the challenging summer, Alison and Dan, owners of Singleton’s General Store and a local family with three children under five years old, share their experience with us. Alison shares, “In the flooding, we lost three generations of precious things, and it was devastating. I watched my whole life flash before my eyes but we’ve done everything we can to carry on…I’m definitely still processing the flooding but one good thing that has happened as a result of the flooding is meeting a lot of new people who have visited our store this holiday season.”

In running Singleton’s, Alison shares her wish that guides the work she does. “I really focus on the question: what’s one thing that can change someone’s day? I know our team is always focused on how we can make someone’s day better and that’s truly what I hope for… We’ve always prided ourselves in carrying products that are good for the body and our products are hand-selected with that in mind. It’s important to us to be mindful of the food we consume and we are always looking to stock the healthiest options.”

This season, they are focused on stocking their inventory with items that range in price points and deliver the highest quality options for the area. As you enter Singleton’s grocery store, you’ll find the staff and customers alike spreading cheer with knock knock jokes and some Johnny Cash tunes. Known for their smoked meats selection and their old-fashioned smokehouse, stop by Singleton’s General Store to get a true taste of Vermont!


Garrison, owner of Smitty’s Chester Market, another family store, expressed his commitment to serving the community stating, “In a lot of ways we’re the town center. It’s where everyone in town goes. Everyone comes here to talk and you can always count on running into someone while grocery shopping… One of the most important parts of what we do is being here for the community.”  

During the flooding over the summer of 2023, they lost power but stayed open with a skeletal crew to provide groceries and essential items. Without power, credit card machines weren’t working but they did not let that become a barrier as they created IOU’s for people to return when power was restored to the area. Garrison shares, “The heart of what we do and the heart of our business hasn’t changed. We are open and here to serve the community.”

Smitty’s Chester Market is a full service grocery store that offers a wide variety of options. You’ll find delicious hot meals, hand-crafted sandwiches, local options sourced from nearby farms, grocery items, snacks and a fine selection of beverages, specially curated for each season. Don’t miss it!   


At Springfield Food Coop, General Manager Ian expresses, “As a mission driven business, we are focused on community and local and organic goods… we allocate our resources to support our community driven mission.” He shares, “the coop provides a point on the compass for those who seek out local and organic ingredients.” Since the Co-op’s move downtown a few years back, they have been able to continue to grow. Their new location has made it easier for customers to access the store and allowed the store to increase their offerings.

Ian shares, “We want to dispel the myth that we are a member-only establishment. We love our members and they are the backbone of what we do, but we are open for everyone. We are here for visitors and those traveling through as well as those who are living here.” Springfield Food Co-op delights with its options! 

As the recovery process continues, the Okemo Valley remains grateful for the unwavering support of its local businesses, visitors, and residents. The grocery stores in the area are determined to ensure that this winter season is a time of warmth, comfort, and community for all who live and visit Okemo Valley.