Fletcher Farm School for the Arts & Crafts, Ludlow, Vermont

Address: 611 Route 103 South
Ludlow, Vermont 05149
Phone: (802) 228-8770
Directions: Directions link


Fletcher Farms School for the Arts & Crafts is the oldest residential arts and crafts school in the state of Vermont. The school had its beginning in 1947 when the Fletcher Farm Foundation requested the Society of Vermont Artists and Craftsman to create a non-profit educational crafts school. By the summer of 1948 Fletcher Farm School opened its doors to 33 students taking five courses. Today as the school celebrates its 65th anniversary, it offers over 200 courses yearly. The school also offers a venue for Vermont craftsman to sell their art in the craft & gift shoppe, as well as at the two annual craft festivals.

The courses offered are greatly diverse and aimed at meeting the interests and skill levels of all participants. The school offers classes in fine arts, photography, basketry, decorative arts, fiber arts, early American decoration, stained glass and glass art, jewelry, quilting, wood carving and specialty arts and crafts which include quilling, chair carving, cut & pierced lampshades, yoga & meditation, sculpted & sewn dolls, Japanese stencil dyeing and brooms & brushes. There is also a Young Artists Program offered for youth aspiring to develop skills inherent to the emerging “Artists to Be”. Boys and girls ages seven and older are eligible for participation in this Young Artists Program.

The school has some of the finest instructors in the country offering instruction in a diverse field of interests, from the earliest of crafts such as bobbin lace to today’s digital era. Our instructors, many of whom have taught at Fletcher Farms for 10-53 years, are both nationally and internationally known for their talents. They have written books, have had their art in the White House, taught at international art schools, have been featured in magazines, have been on the Martha Stewart show, and carry with them many awards and honors. We are fortunate to have these instructors and appreciative for what they have to offer and are willing to share with our arts & crafts school.

The school’s mission continues to be committed to quality arts and crafts education, to keep alive old traditions and to teach new techniques in a beautiful Vermont setting at an affordable price. From 1947 to 2012 this mission has remained constant.

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