The Culinary Antidote to Ordinary

Winter in the Okemo Valley is steeped in abundance. The epicurious will delight in the valley’s pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, organic produce, and our Farm to Table movement.  Read our “True Farm-to-Table Experience” article.

The stunning diversity of local, sustainable fare is matched only by the equally extraordinary assortment of dining options. Every palette, every budget, every desire satisfied. The valley’s hills are strewn with cafés, bakeries, and unique dining selections, perfect for the whole family.

Whether you’re packing lunch for the trails, sidling up to the bar, or settling in for seven courses, your food has a home, a heart, and a story. It’s written in the valley’s soils, seared on its stoves and grills, tossed, stirred, and served up with style. We have the finest local dining South-Central Vermont has to offer.

Discover your next meal in our Southern & Central Vermont Restaurant & Dining Guide.

Nowhere is there a richer variety, or a more splendid fusion of delectable cuisine and spectacular scenery. Wake up to a quiet, country breakfast in a historic inn with warm maple syrup and locally roasted specialty coffees. Head out for wood-fired pizza, steaks paired with award- winning local, craft beers, or seasonal soups, exuberant salads, sustainable fish, sophisticated vegetarian, or artisan spirits suffused with maple and elderberry. Okemo Valley’s locally owned restaurants and cafés feature local meats, artisan cheeses and fresh produce year-round.

Find a comprehensive listing of all our dining options below