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Okemo Valley Education Center

Global Classroom has developed a learning and training platform for the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce to deliver education online, provide access to local subject experts and online classrooms, increase engagement with members using education and social media.  The members and their employees can access their “Online Education Center in the Cloud” wherever there’s wifi – there is no additional software or hardware required.  There are no classroom to maintain and members can access their courses 24/7.

Here’s a sampling of new courses from our partnership with Skillsoft.

Customer Service Fundamentals

  • Customer Service Fundamentals: Building Rapport in Customer Relationships
  • Customer Service in the Field
  • Customer Service over the Phone
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict
  • Shaping the Direction of Customer Service in Your Organization


Customer Service Representative, Professionalism

  • The Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Support Center Services and Work Environment |n
  • Team and Customer Relationships


Customer Service Representative, Skills

  • Customer Interactions
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict, Stress, and Time Management


Customer Service Representative, Process

  • Customer Service Processes and Procedures
  • Quality in a Support Center
  • Support Center Tools, Technologies and Metrics
  • Dealing with Irrational Customers and Escalating Complaints


Doing Business Professionally

  • Working for Your Inner Boss: Personal Accountability
  • Managing from Within: Self-employment
  • Goals and Setting Goals
  • Creating a Positive Attitude
  • Pursuing Successful Lifelong Learning
  • Simulation: Doing Business Professionally Simulation


Effective Time Management

  • Time Management: Analyzing Your Use of Time
  • Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing Your Time
  • Time Management: Avoiding Time Stealers


Other courses include:  Cisco Certifications, Project Management, Leadership etc.

Okemo Valley Education Center