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More Fall Color Revealed

Vermont is a mercurial visual experience, changing with every season. Though renowned for the fall leaf season, and rightly so, the brilliant fall colors are only one aspect of this ever-changing region.

My husband, Brian, and I take daily walks on our country road, covering each of our various routes at least weekly, and yet we’re constantly surprised by what we discover. This week, for the first time, we saw a bright orange intricate shelf fungus on the trunk of a tree that we pass frequently. It’s so large and close to the road that it’s hard to believe we didn’t see it before, but the leaves are now thinning and so more of the forest is being revealed. Barns and rock walls, which in summer are obscured by blackberry bushes or ferns or other foliage, reappear with the thinning of the leaves.

Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday along our road. There are fewer colorful leaves than there were last week, but every day we look forward to seeing what is now being revealed.

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